Medals ? Check ! Trophies ? Check ! Equipment ? Check ! Excitement was at its epitome a day before the jam at Biraajdaar basti ! Every minute detail planned with utmost precision, from the position of the platforms they were gonna stand on to Synchronization of songs that we were gonna perform.
It was time for an epic battle of the voices , Nah… more like a cute display of rhythimic talent, The fact that Talent has no “reservations” & wears no hats was witnessed by all of us first hand. A great person once said, “there are no good or bad performers, only less experienced or more experienced ones” Well, the icing on the cake was that, that great person was the judge for our event “suno suno, gao gao”. Sitting on the humble dias we created for him with just a foot high table and a plastic chair, it was none other than our very beloved bollywood actor and National School of Drama,India-graduate, Mr Ajay Kumar. Some people bask on energy whereas some people are energy itself , Kumar being the latter brought with him a bag full of energy that surged through every single person’s nerves followed by a crackling applause, a trully beautiful sight to see ! Post his arrival it was time to start the show, and what better way there is to start a show than with a prayer. voice and the soothing words of the prayer brought in the essence ! The swatantra team performed first ,just to set the mood.!what is important is that, we recieved more entries than we expected, more participation than we had ever seen and an audience that stayed put for much longer aswell. Every performer brought with them a piece of their emotion to offer, from kids to middle aged adults , everyone’s voices shone off pure honesty. Its funny how quick time flies by when you’re having fun, and before we knew it we had heard em’ all. Some performances left us awestruck whereas some surely made us giggle ! This beautiful evening concluded with the prize distribution ceremony, But 3 trophies and 40 medals were not the only things distributed though , i believe we gave much more. More to the heart !


Swatantra Theatre- India



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