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Depression lasts for at least two weeks. It affects an individual’s behaviour and has physical, emotional and cognitive effects. It also interferes with the ability to work and have satisfying personal relationships.

Depression is different to short-term emotional responses to challenges in everyday life. It can cause your morale to suffer greatly, affecting many areas of your life and, at its worst, depression can lead to suicide.

Depending on the severity of your depression, feelings relating to self-esteem, guilt or helplessness may become so low as to become disabling unless and until your depression is treated. You may not be able to get out of bed, sleep, concentrate or interact effectively with some people, including family members, friends or colleagues, while your depression remains un-confronted.

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I just need you there so that the loneliness and the sadness and the despair doesn’t drown me. I just need some help treading water for a little longer. But I can’t tell you this. I can’t tell you because I am scared to admit it to myself yet.

Depression can sometimes also be one characteristic of other mental illnesses, including: