Poster competition

FREE ENTRY to the conference for Postgraduate Postercompetition winners

FREE ENTRY is provided for postgraduates whose poster is selected for display at the conference. Space is available for up to 20 posters to be selected for display (10 on Day 1, 10 on Day 2).To be eligible for selection, your submitted research poster must relate to at least one of the conference themes. Applicants whose posters are selected for display will be granted FREE ENTRY to this conference.

This is an exciting opportunity to publicize your research, make useful contacts and showcase your research to a wider audience.

Your poster must be A1 size; it can be landscape or portrait orientation.

Judging Criteria

Posters to be selected for display will be assessed according to three criteria:

  • Relevance – is the poster relevant to one or more of the conference themes?
  • Poster design – presentation and visual communication
  • Research content – how easily this can be understood by non-subject specialists?

Competition guidelines

  • Each entrant should submit a PDF of their poster. Applicants must also include the following information in their email:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Poster Title
    • University/ College
    • University/ College Department
    • University/ College email address
  • Submit your PDF poster and the information above to:
  • Only one poster submission allowed per entrant. If there are more than one authors for a poster, only one author is allowed for free entry. Posters must relate to one or more of the conference themes and, preferably, to an aspect of the entrant’s postgraduate or doctoral research.
  • Up to 20 posters in total will be selected for display: up to 10 on Day 1 (17 September) and up to 10 on Day 2 (18 September). Selected posters must be printed A1 in size.
  • Posters can be landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Printed posters do not have to be laminated.
  • If selected, it is the responsibility of entrants to arrange for the printing of their poster. Posters must not be altered from the original PDF version.
  • Applicants whose posters are selected for display will be notified as to which day their poster will be displayed on. Selected posters must be printed and displayed on the designated conference poster board on the morning of day to which their poster has been allocated i.e. either Tuesday 17 September (Day 1) or Wednesday 18 September (Day 2).

Note for applicants

If your poster is selected then you should be able to attend the conference on 17 and 18 September 2019 in Pune.

Deadline for competition entry:31 July 2019

Relevant topics/themes include, but are not restricted to:

  • How can mental health and resilience of migrant communities be appropriately supported?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of resilience approaches
  • Resilience and mental health
  • Resilience and migration
  • Innovative methodologies in migration and mental health research
  • Participative art practices (e.g. theatre) for mental health or migration research
  • Examples of how policy-makers, NGOs and corporate/CSRs have, or might, contribute to mental health among migrant communities.
  • The challenges of cross-disciplinary dialogue in health and migration research
  • Connections between mental health resilience and resilience against environmental challenges (eg climate and climate change)
  • Could the adoption of resilience approaches to health care be criticised for placing too much responsibility for healthcare upon vulnerable people themselves?