Community Theatre

Over 2018 Swatantra and Excavate will be working together to develop a community play using the lived experience and stories gathered from the people and families who live in the Hadapsar slum (see note, below). The script and play will be developed in tandem with volunteers, stakeholders and members from the participant group in order to ensure validity, clarity and power of narrative. A community theatre piece using actors drawn from teams of drama students from Pune alongside members from the migrant community will be developed. A steering group from the community, including those who have shared their stories, or those that recognise similarities in their own experience, will be invited to intervene in the process at a number of key moments with their feedback informing the on-going development of the work.

Note: narrative data will be collected on the lived experiences of migrants during April – August, 2018. 30 participants will be recruited, consisting of young people, adults and older people, both male and female, who have migrated in the past 10 years. All interviews will be conducted in Hindi/Marathi. Data collection of verbatim stories from migrant workers will be framed within thematic strands e.g. stories of past life, present life and future aspirations, stories about workplace or living conditions, fictional stories – either existing stories known by the migrant workers or new stories created in response to their new environment. Data may be collected via note taking, audio and video (anonymized). All Interviews will be audio recorded and transcribed.