The Production Journey till now

Finally I could see the production.

After being involved in project for such a long time. After numerous visits, Endless meeting and Countless efforts, the theatre team, Research team and from the population in the community, I could see something of which we could create a huge theatrical production or a festival called Suno Suno. .
Initially there was a lot of hesitation from the community for theatre , which was totally expected because they are unaware of theatre. So how do I create Theatre production with them.?? So I started as a blank observer of their habits, of their reactions, of thier way of talking. And this observation was inevitable because of which I could identify theĀ  spaces for plays, their talents that can be used andĀ  actually seeing how brilliant actors or performers they are.
In whole our visits I have observed that we have less but appropriate place.
I could realised that what I do in theatre is their daily activity. These are in born performers.
After exploring numerous forms of theatre like Street play, playbacks, etc. I could see people has started coming forward for theatre and showing interest which is basic requirement or necessity of the project and the big play that we will be doing with the community.
Though we still dont have a performing steering committee, we could see many women coming forward, kids performing with us and men who are willing if not to perform then to help for stage or lights or set. This is a great sign.
We have not reached but we are definitely on the way of our production of Suno Suno.

Ashwin Sharma
Production Manager/ Performer,

Swatantra Theatre, India

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