Some Pieces of Life!

I believe, an true artist has an immortal aura. Even if they quit or leave the art form yet their aura sustains which ultimately defines and eventually speaks about his/her untold story. Yes! It’s “Haider”. The man full of kindness and compassion. The wrinkles had a story to tell, watery eyes had an unknown depths altogether. In the first glance I could literally sense the strength and the resilience in the person. We as an artist always observe and procure things from the theatre perspective. Haider itself was like a theatre play character for all of us to study. Being at an extreme poverty line we hardly sensed any sad gesture from his side. He seemed positive. Haider had layers to analyze. In the beginning it was like a normal person having the conversation but as he started turning out the pages, it was peculiar. He had an huge experience of 30 years in performing arts. Acting, singing, writing and playing instruments was his subject of interest. He had even acted in an indian TV series called Nukkad on DD national channel for few episodes. He had Recited more than 2000 dohas /songs of the great Indian saint Kabir das ji and had played music in the church choir at Bishop’s high school for many years. As a profession he was a chef and cherished his passion along the side. As we entered his house, he had nothing except 3 to 4 clothes hanging on wall which kept us all thinking about his daily life. He did mentioned that he is expertized on repairing Indian musical instruments which also used to be one of his source of income in the past. we could sense the years of solitude in his presence yet his creative thoughts kept us all engaged in the past. he mentioned that he would love to be a part of the final play and would also like to contribute in various departments especially in the music and writing. He was clear and precise on the points he wished to share which certainly became easy for us to understand the details of his thoughts and expressions. We thought of creating a video log of his presence on screen as he was a bit different than basti people and had a sketchy look with extra long beard and had wonderful ideas to share. How resilience comes in different forms. To some resilience comes through neighbours, to some through work and to some through their creative meditation.Indeed, He is always surrounded by so many people.Haider is like the pied piper.


Suraaj Nikumbh

Music Director/Performer,

Swatantra Theatre




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