Potential Performing Steering Commitee members-Difficult task to make people speak, initiate and share

Potential Performing

Playback Theatre, is literally Theatre of life. The project name Suno Suno absolutely justifies the playback Theatre. We ‘listen’ to the stories and enact spot on! But it was a difficult task to make people speak, initiate and share. We went inside the Basti thinking that it will be hardly one or two people who would like to share. Also some could be a part of steering committee. We had this in our mind to look for potential Performing Steering Commitee members. Also we kept the thrash band, since it was engaging and added very interesting musical value to every performance. While actors took time to discuss after every story we encouraged children to come forward and sing songs on the orchestra of the Thrash Band and the participation was more than expected.
5 playback stories were enacted , 2 near the temple by 2 males and 3 at the Canal out of which 2 were by school going young girls and 1 by a young married woman. They were really happy to see their story getting enacted. Their eyes sparkled and smiles stretched. More people wanted to share. We told them
That we will be heading the trash band workshop the next and all cried with enthusiasm saying that they will join.
To start with we have 20 names of the people who said they would like to be a part of steering commitee . We anticipate 70% of them will drop. But the enthusiasm is just non plus. People remember Suno Suno and children sing Suno Suno when we come.
Sharing the details of the names who agreed to become part of steering committee.

#Dhanashree Heblikar


Swatantra Theatre, Pune-India



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